Equine Affinity in the workplace

Leadership through experiential learning.

Our Founder, Catherine Bray, sums it up:

In order to lead a horse, one must be consistent, clear, fair, present, communicative, have trust and be certain.

In order to lead a team of people, one must have the same skills.

What better way to learn, than through a magnificent sentient animal?

Working with horses helps you:

  • Improve leadership skills
  • Be a better listener
  • Understand yourself
  • Build stronger teams
  • Learn by doing


Equine Affinity offers tailored personal development training to corporate groups, professionals and individuals.

Integrating our work into your wider personal and professional development programme will have maximum effect.

We offer:

  • Away days
  • Leadership days
  • Bespoke programmes tailored to your specific requirements

Contact us to design a programme for yourself, your client or your team. Equine Affinity has worked with high-profile companies and business leaders from a range of sectors. The work we do together will help to create true bonds between team mates, increase profit margins and create the leaders of the future.


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