Horse training and teaching services

Equine Affinity has an experienced, qualified

Equine Specialist who can

help you with your horse. Catherine works

with owners and their horses or with people

that are able to borrow or hire a horse.

Catherine focuses her training on developing an

understanding of equine behaviour.

Her philosophy is that if we can learn to be more open and humble around horses, and to listen more carefully to what they’re communicating to us, we will have successful results with them, whichever discipline or type of horse training we wish to do.

As trainers we must consider and honour the basic needs of a horse, and should ‘problems’ occur in training, ask ourselves, ‘what does the horse need?’. By doing this, we can often change a ‘problem’ into an answer. With over 20 years of worldwide experience with horses, Catherine has developed a natural empathy with horses and humans alike.


“Catherine is a patient teacher who empowers me to find my own solutions and guides me when I’m stuck. Without her thoughtful help I would have lost all my ability to work my quirky little mare. I recommend her to anyone who wants to go deeper into the art of horsemanship and build a true relationship with their horse” AG-Tunbridge Wells


She takes an adaptive approach to teaching and training, recognising that every individual being is different and has different needs. She teaches using techniques to develop confidence and partnership with horses.

She works at the pace of the horse and owner, encouraging them to challenge themselves where she feels appropriate. She is especially good at working with owners who have lost their confidence, using highly skilled and imaginative ground work techniques and Equine Guided Learning skills to re-develop relationships with the horse on the ground.

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