Equine Affinity in the community

Equine Affinity in the community is designed for:

  • voluntary organisations
  • foster carers, parents and guardians
  • nurses, doctors and medical specialists
  • therapists
  • teachers and educators
  • community groups

We offer discounted rates for registered charities and community groups.

Please contact Catherine Bray to find out more.


We are experienced in working with individuals and teams who care for others and have developed a tailored workshop series for teachers, therapists, volunteer organisations and groups working in the community.


Equine guided learning is ground-based work with horses, who become the teacher in our sessions, while our team members facilitate a dialogue between you and the horse. Through these sessions, you will find an improved sense of wellbeing as you understand yourself and your fellow team-members better. Past workshops have examined conflict management, team dynamics, mindfulness in the workplace and more. We can help you to re-ignite your passion for your vocation, finding inspiration in the work that you do.