A word from our clients

We have really enjoyed working with Catherine and the Equine Affinity team.

Our participants have often been sceptical or nervous about working with horses so it is great to see them learning about themselves, intimacy, trust and forming relationships through the horse.

Many leave feeling humbled by what the horse can teach them and they are still reflecting on the impact of the workshop and how it relates to their personal and professional lives for a long time afterwards.  

Katie Coates, Client Director of Executive Education, London Business School


I have not had that much fun and thought about leadership at the same time on such a deep level … ever.

I can see though just from my own experience on that one day that there is something enormously peaceful and satisfying about working with a horse who will not judge me for what I am, who I am and what I bring to the ring;

in the maelstrom of our world today the power of horses to re-balance and calm an individual has got to be one of the most deeply satisfying gifts that I can give to my students & staff.

Lessons in leadership are deeply profound when they are lessons learned through leading horses. I recommend Equine Affinity to you unreservedly

Head Teacher, Hastings, East Sussex

Thank you for a fantastic workshop I shall be processing for weeks

CH, London

Loved being with the horses and reconnecting with the things I love….intimacy, authenticity, permission of being, playing…

KH, Kent

It  was, without doubt, one of the most enjoyable and informative workshops  which I have attended and I thank you both so much for all the thought  and preparation which paved the way for such a successful day. It went  far too quickly and, for me, felt safe and adventurous all at the same time!

VM, Kent

Thank you  so much for the lovely workshop and cakes! It was so inspiring. I am so gratefull that i found Equine Affinity. xxx Lovely day!

LN, East Sussex

I am continually humbled by working with horses, what they teach me about myself and how this enriches my professional life. 

RR, East Sussex

The surprising part of the workshop for me was how illuminating the interactions were with the horses. What was available to me suddenly were powerful and clear insights into myself and my life.

NS, East Sussex

I’m now aware of what I thought happens, but couldn’t really substantiate. Seeing it with my own eyes, with the horses, makes it so much clearer, these memories will last longer than any text in a book. Your work is absolutely bang on the nail!!

PS, East Sussex

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