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New for 2013, Catherine Bray, horse specialist and Veronica Wilson, experienced Relate and Arts psychotherapist, along with the horses, are running a taster workshop looking at relationships. This will be held on on Saturday March 16th 2013 from 9.30am-1.30pm at Little Dunks Farm near Tunbridge Wells.

See: for further details.

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Autumn 2012

Winter 2012/13                


Help the Helper series

A bespoke workshop designed for therapists, counsellors and supervisors. We also plan to offer a Help the Helper series for teachers and support staff and are going to develop the series for nursing staff in the near future. The idea for this course was inspired from recognition of a need to support those of us that support/help others. This is achieved not only through the process and facilitation during our workshops but also in the form of networking with the group, offering peer-to-peer support. These workshops can be attended as a one of or as part of a series and are facilitated by Jennine Pickup, Catherine Bray & the horses.

The Turning of the Wheel Series

In earth centred traditions, seasonal rituals not only celebrate change, they create it. This is what we will be doing in these four seasonal workshops to mark the changing of the seasons and with the aid of the horses. These workshops are open to all and the titles vary according to the seasonal festivals of the year. We explore the festivals of Imbolc (February), Beltane (May), Lammas (August) and Samhain (Oct/Nov). Run by a highly experienced and qualified psychotherapist and equine specialist, we explore various routes into our authentic self and how by being connected to the horse and developing a true partnership with them, with ourselves and with our surrounding environment and nature. These workshops can be attended as a one off or as part of a series and are run by Veronica Wilson, Catherine Bray & the horses.

Horse Wisdom Series

These workshops are designed for people working in the field of body mind therapies (yoga/pilates teachers, physiotherapists, dance and movement therapists). These workshops have a defined focus on our somatic experiences, the ‘invisible’ and often intangible energies we experience when working in partnerships with horses. We explore the use of non-verbal communication and also how we ‘contract’ and make contact with horses, making comparisons to how we choose to work with our clients. These workshops can be attended as a one off or as part of the series and are facilitated by Nicola Smith, Catherine Bray & the horses.

Leading your Life

These workshops are designed around the theme of leadership and are open to all. We offer a facilitated process by which participants gain insight into their choices on how they choose to lead their lives. We explore the theme of control/leadership and allow the horses to reflect back our emotions gaining insight through their wisdom. We facilitate a range of exercises with the horses from the ground from literally ‘leading your horse’ using different styles of leading and working with the metaphors and information that comes up, to more goal-orientated work with the horses. These workshops can be attended as a one off or as part of a series and are facilitated by Suzanne Fendick, Catherine Bray & the horses.

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Due to change of circumstance the horse training demo scheduled for this Saturday, 25th August, has been cancelled. See our events page for other excting Autumn events with Equine Affinity.



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We have changed the date of our Samhain, Turning of the Wheel workshop in November. It will now be held on Saturday November 3rd 2012 instead of November 10th as previously advertised.

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af·fin·i·ty (-fn-t) AFFINITY…..
n. pl. af·fin·i·ties

1. A natural attraction, liking, or feeling of kinship.

One of the participants with a horse at our Leading your life workshop last Saturday.

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There will be a change of date for our final part one workshop for therapists called ‘Help the Helper’. Originally going to be held on Friday 13th July, we have now changed it to Saturday 14th July in order to potentially make it more possible for people to attend.

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Upcoming Equine Affinity workshops:

Summer 2012

(please click on the links below
for further details of each workshop)

Saturday June 9th 2012-Horse Wisdom. A

bespoke workshop for people working

in body/mind therapies.

‘Clarity, Congruency & Communication’
Little Dunks Farm, TN12 7HX. 10am-4.30pm. Cost £70/£80.
Click here for further details

Saturday June 16th 2012–Women, horses and empowerment- Open to all women wishing to explore the theme of empowerment by interacting with horses.
Little Dunks Farm, TN12 7HX . 10am-4pm. Cost £80/£75.
Click here for further details

Saturday June 30th 2012 Leading your life-A workshop open to anyone who would like to explore how they choose to lead their life and exploring the theme of leadership.
Little Dunks Farm, TN12 7HX . 10am-4pm. Cost £80/£75 .
Click here for further details

Fri 13th July 2012-Bespoke workshop for psychotherapists, counsellors and supervisors. Part 1 of a 4 part seasonal help the helper series. You may attend as a one off workshop or attend all four workshops.
Little Dunks Farm, TN12 7HX. 10 am-4pm. Cost £80/£75.
Click here for further details

  •  Equine Affinity also offers one to one private individual sessions at Pebsham Equestrian Centre, Bexhill or at Little Dunks Farm nr Tunbridge Wells. Duration 1.5 hours, cost £120
  • Couples private sessions cost £150 per couple for 1.5 hours
  • We offer Equine guided learning and therapy to school pupils, staff and other young people groups.


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Are you a psychotherapist , counsellor or

supervisor looking for ways to deepen

and strengthen your

clinical practice?  

Are you looking for new ways to work

with metaphor, non-verbal communication, relational dynamics?

Equine-Guided psychotherapy offers a unique and fascinating psycho-therapeutic model which provides valuable, immediate information about clients’ inner experience that could take many months to reach in traditional talking therapy.

Horses are experts at reading and reflecting non-verbal communication, acting as mirrors to our own behaviour. They are highly sensitive and attuned to their environment, to threats and like us, seek to be in relationship to their herd/community.  We learn about ourselves from working with the horse – lessons that translate well into our professional and personal lives.

Come and experience this powerful work for yourselves

We are offering you the opportunity not only to have an individual psycho-therapeutic experience with a horse but also to take part in a group exercise which allows for group dynamics to be explored in a supportive environment.

When: Sunday, March 11th 2012
Where:Little Dunks Farm, Brenchley, Nr Tunbridge Wells, Kent TN12 7HX.
Times: 10.00am-1.00pm


Jennine Pickup– Equine Affinity Psychotherapist
MA/Dip UKCP Registered, Integrative Arts Psychotherapist
Catherine Bray– Equine Affinity Equine Specialist, Founder & co Director
Laura Clarke -Equine Affinity Coach & co Director
CWDC trained & trained at Coaching Academy

Costs: We’re offering 20% off making the total £44 per ticket or £40 per ticket if you buy two or more.
Spaces are limited to ensure quality hands on work with the horses.

Contact: 07950 690089 or email if you are interested in this workshop.

“The surprising part of the workshop for me was how illuminating the interactions
were with the horses. What was available to me suddenly were powerful and clear insights
into myself and my life.”

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“The way you lead a horse is the way you lead your life”

Find out how this extraordinary approach to personal development can work for you…

Clarity, confidence, assertiveness, purpose, presence, decision-making and authenticity are just some of the hugely valuable skills,
enhanced through interacting with horses.

You will have a hands-on experience of one-to-one work and group exercises,
facilitated by our expert psychotherapist, coach and equine specialist.

This is a one-off discounted session costing only £39.00 or £35.00 if you buy two or more tickets. Spaces are limited. Closing date for bookings -Febuary 19th 2012

Sunday February 26th 2012, 10am-1pm
Little Dunks Farm, Cuckoo Lane, TN12 7HX

Contact: Laura on 07801 704304 or   
Cat on 07950 690089 or email

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In Early January 2012, after a few weeks of burying ourselves in designing and writing our policies and procedures, we are pleased to announce that Equine Affinity is now an ‘Approved East Sussex County Council provider of alternative, outdoor education’.

This means that we have had our policies and procedures scrutinised and approved by East Sussex council which then enables us to work with pupils in schools. Although the paperwork was fairly laborious, it was actually a very useful exercise to do as it made us really think about every single safety aspect and make sure we have it all covered. Safety aspects are of upper most importance to us at Equine Affinity.

So now, as well as providing training/support/team builds for teachers and staff, we can also offer group and individual equine guided learning and psychotherapy to pupils too.

We are really pleased about this as we believe that equine guided learning and therapy is a method that can help students through problems that may arise in schools, such as bullying, low self esteem, peer pressures, empathy/communication skills, students with learning difficulties, to name a few. We are currently meeting with many schools in the area to explain our work. It has gained a lot of interest from schools and we already have bookings. One local head teacher came on an Equine Affinity workshop and said,

‘– I have not had that much fun and thought about leadership at the same time on such a deep level…ever’

She then went on to explain how this work will help her students,

‘The last place that they (the students) need to be judged and ridiculed is in school; and for some of them we have historically turned to alternative forms of education as a means of reengaging them. And as yet an untapped resource is that of horse as therapy tool. I can see though just from my own experience on that one day that there is something enormously peaceful and satisfying about working with a horse who will not judge me for what I am, who I am and what I bring to the ring; in the maelstrom of our world today the power of horses to rebalance and calm an individual has got to be one of the most deeply satisfying gifts that I can give to my students’

‘Lessons in leadership are deeply profound when they are lessons in leading horses. I recommend Equine Affinity to you unreservedly’