What you get

Equine guided learning can help to:

  • boost confidence
  • improve self esteem
  • hone team building skills
  • aid communication skills
  • cement strong leadership skills
  • give you the experience of a true partnership

It works because horses:

  • are instinctive and intuitive
  • are non-judgmental
  • develop a unique bond
  • react authentically
  • provide instant feedback


A horse relies on instinct and will pick up on all your unspoken cues. She will pay attention to your body language, tone and intent and react accordingly. This offers valuable insight into the impressions that you create, and the messages you send through your non-verbal communication.



A tailored learning experience

Below is an example of how we might work with you to create your bespoke equine guided learning experience.

  1. Prior to a session, we will create a plan together, identifying the areas that you wish to work on (e.g. self-confidence, empathy, emotional intelligence, listening, team dynamic).
  2. We can come to you and meet for a coffee to talk through our approach before inviting you out to our stables.
  3. You will come to our stables in London or the Kent countryside, or we can set up a bespoke plan for you at your desired location in the UK, or abroad.
  4. The sessions are structured to provide a safe space for reflection and learning. You will be assigned a horse to work with, and you will do ground work (no riding), supported by an Equine Affinity facilitator.
  5. We will meet with you a week or so later for a review, gathering any key learning and consolidating this into a personalised forward plan.
  6. Our work has been particularly effective if it is incorporated into a wider learning programme – contact us to see how we can help craft a bespoke learning experience for you.