Our values

At Equine Affinity we pride ourselves on being:

  • Transparent
  • Open and honest
  • Safe in all aspects of our work
  • Professional
  • Willing to learn
  • Respectful of humans and all living things


What makes Equine Affinity Unique?


We work with a high level of integrity with both our clients and horses




Equine Affinity have developed a code of ethical considerations for the horse in our work: we hold the horse in high regard, being mindful of their needs before, during and after the work.


Approved outdoor education provider

We are approved by East Sussex County Council as a provider of outdoor alternative education.


Bodymind work

One of our services offers a unique collaboration of bodymind education and equine guided learning.


A range of programmes at competitive rates

We have several programmes on offer as well as working in the education sector and offering individual and couple therapy. We keep our prices as competitive as possible.


Our reach

We work in East Sussex, Kent and London, reaching out to a wide geographical area. We work nationally and internationally.



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