New winter workshop dates with Equine Affinity


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Autumn 2012

Winter 2012/13                


Help the Helper series

A bespoke workshop designed for therapists, counsellors and supervisors. We also plan to offer a Help the Helper series for teachers and support staff and are going to develop the series for nursing staff in the near future. The idea for this course was inspired from recognition of a need to support those of us that support/help others. This is achieved not only through the process and facilitation during our workshops but also in the form of networking with the group, offering peer-to-peer support. These workshops can be attended as a one of or as part of a series and are facilitated by Jennine Pickup, Catherine Bray & the horses.

The Turning of the Wheel Series

In earth centred traditions, seasonal rituals not only celebrate change, they create it. This is what we will be doing in these four seasonal workshops to mark the changing of the seasons and with the aid of the horses. These workshops are open to all and the titles vary according to the seasonal festivals of the year. We explore the festivals of Imbolc (February), Beltane (May), Lammas (August) and Samhain (Oct/Nov). Run by a highly experienced and qualified psychotherapist and equine specialist, we explore various routes into our authentic self and how by being connected to the horse and developing a true partnership with them, with ourselves and with our surrounding environment and nature. These workshops can be attended as a one off or as part of a series and are run by Veronica Wilson, Catherine Bray & the horses.

Horse Wisdom Series

These workshops are designed for people working in the field of body mind therapies (yoga/pilates teachers, physiotherapists, dance and movement therapists). These workshops have a defined focus on our somatic experiences, the ‘invisible’ and often intangible energies we experience when working in partnerships with horses. We explore the use of non-verbal communication and also how we ‘contract’ and make contact with horses, making comparisons to how we choose to work with our clients. These workshops can be attended as a one off or as part of the series and are facilitated by Nicola Smith, Catherine Bray & the horses.

Leading your Life

These workshops are designed around the theme of leadership and are open to all. We offer a facilitated process by which participants gain insight into their choices on how they choose to lead their lives. We explore the theme of control/leadership and allow the horses to reflect back our emotions gaining insight through their wisdom. We facilitate a range of exercises with the horses from the ground from literally ‘leading your horse’ using different styles of leading and working with the metaphors and information that comes up, to more goal-orientated work with the horses. These workshops can be attended as a one off or as part of a series and are facilitated by Suzanne Fendick, Catherine Bray & the horses.