Equine Affinity becomes an East Sussex County Council Approved company


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In Early January 2012, after a few weeks of burying ourselves in designing and writing our policies and procedures, we are pleased to announce that Equine Affinity is now an ‘Approved East Sussex County Council provider of alternative, outdoor education’.

This means that we have had our policies and procedures scrutinised and approved by East Sussex council which then enables us to work with pupils in schools. Although the paperwork was fairly laborious, it was actually a very useful exercise to do as it made us really think about every single safety aspect and make sure we have it all covered. Safety aspects are of upper most importance to us at Equine Affinity.

So now, as well as providing training/support/team builds for teachers and staff, we can also offer group and individual equine guided learning and psychotherapy to pupils too.

We are really pleased about this as we believe that equine guided learning and therapy is a method that can help students through problems that may arise in schools, such as bullying, low self esteem, peer pressures, empathy/communication skills, students with learning difficulties, to name a few. We are currently meeting with many schools in the area to explain our work. It has gained a lot of interest from schools and we already have bookings. One local head teacher came on an Equine Affinity workshop and said,

‘– I have not had that much fun and thought about leadership at the same time on such a deep level…ever’

She then went on to explain how this work will help her students,

‘The last place that they (the students) need to be judged and ridiculed is in school; and for some of them we have historically turned to alternative forms of education as a means of reengaging them. And as yet an untapped resource is that of horse as therapy tool. I can see though just from my own experience on that one day that there is something enormously peaceful and satisfying about working with a horse who will not judge me for what I am, who I am and what I bring to the ring; in the maelstrom of our world today the power of horses to rebalance and calm an individual has got to be one of the most deeply satisfying gifts that I can give to my students’

‘Lessons in leadership are deeply profound when they are lessons in leading horses. I recommend Equine Affinity to you unreservedly’