Bespoke professional/personal development workshops & programmes

Equine Affinity group workshops

We run regular workshops for groups of private individuals who wish to explore this unique

form of self development work in a group setting.

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It can be very powerful to

discover not only how you interact with the horses, but also to experience

how you relate to and work with the other people in the group. Feedback

from previous group workshops has often been that the atmosphere and dynamic created

by the group/fellow participants added to the impact of the day. At Equine Affinity we make it clear from the beginning of the day that it is important that people feel emotionally safe and are welcome to share as much or as little as they wish about their own experience during group process.

These workshops may be a one off  workshop or part of a series (see programmes below). Please refer to our what’s on page for dates of our courses.

Equine Affinity has become well known for it’s ‘Sabbatical’ workshops

(previously known as Help the Helper).

These workshops are specifically designed for people that support others. These include psychotherapists, counsellors, supervisors, teachers, body therapists, nurses and hospice nurses.

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