Our Services

Equine guided learning and therapy is a form of personal and professional development for people,

achieved through interacting with and relating to horses. No previous horse experience is necessary

and all the exercises are done from the ground.

Our services

At Equine Affinity we offer bespoke services for individuals, couples, families or groups,

and we work within the education sector offering a range of learning opportunities.

Please click on the links below to find out about our different services.

Our Programmes

Our programmes include: (please click on specific programme for further details)

  1. Help the Helper-designed for therapists, counsellors, supervisors, teachers & nurses
  2. Leading your Life-open to anyone who wishes to explore how they choose to lead their life. Please enquire.
  3. Horse Wisdom-designed for people working in the fields of mind/body and movement therapies
  4. Turning of the Wheel-open to all. Celebrating change within ourselves as the seasons change. Please enquire.
  5. Wild Horses & Youths- programme designed for young people


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