Why Choose this Work?

How can Equine Affinity help you as an individual or

as an Organisation?

Equine-guided learning and therapy offers an enhanced learning/therapeutic

experience as the horse highlights our behaviour offering immediate feedback.


  • It can raise your awareness of your authentic self
  • It can increase confidence, self esteem, team building skills, trust, communication skills & leadership skills
  • It can assist you in identifying areas of your life that you would like to change.
  • It allows for an experience of a true partnership with a horse and how that connection feels –  this can then be taken into other relationships or other areas of your life

Why horses?

  • have a highly sensitive/highly attuned ‘gut instinct’ (ENS system)
  • are instinctive and intuitive
  • are non-judgemental
  • provide opportunities to develop a unique bond based on trust


  • React authentically
  • Use non verbal communication
  • Have a social hierarchy (like humans) and we can make useful comparisons
  • Reflect back the emotional state of the client so if the client learns to change their behaviour, the horse will respond differently
  • Provide instant feedback, offering our clients an opportunity to explore their responses to their feedback


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