What makes Equine Affinity Unique?


  • We work with a high level of integrity with both our clients and horses
  • One of our services offers a unique collaboration of bodymind education and equine-guided learning
  • We keep our prices as competitive as possible
  • We are approved by East Sussex County Council as a provider of outdoor alternative education
  • We hold the horse in high regard, being mindful of their needs before, during and after the work.
  • Equine Affinity have developed a code of ethical considerations for the horse in our work
  • We work in both East Sussex and Kent reaching out to a wider geographical area
  • We have several programmes on offer as well as working in the education sector and offering individual and couple therapy
  • We have five highly skilled and qualified practitioners each of whom have their own strengths and specialities, and so catering for a diverse range of clients
  • Our Equine Specialist has a thorough understanding of equine behaviour – this ensures suitable selection of horses that we use for the equine learning and therapy work.

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