About the team

Catherine Bray


Equine Affinity Founder

Catherine has over 30 years of world wide experience with horses.

She has worked in several disciplines within the equestrian world, learning

most from her work in the horse rehabilitation training.

For the past 8 years, Catherine has been practising Equine Guided Learning and Therapy. She trained with the EAGALA model in 2009 and has since learned from other equine learning models.

Through understanding the skills and presence needed to form relationships with horses and then to train them, she easily was able to apply these skills to the non horse world- in the corporate sector, the education sector and for private individuals who are wishing to develop on both a personal and professional level.

Alongside Catherine is a team of highly skilled and qualified practitioners formed of coaches, psychotherapists and equine specialists, all of whom have had a background or experience of working in the corporate sector and also in a therapeutic way. This multi discipline team approach allows Equine Affinity to cater for a diverse range of clients.

Catherine and her team have successfully delivered leadership development programmes using horses for top London business schools adding an experiential element to their programmes.

Sai Shanmugarajah

Equine Affinity Non Executive Advisor

Sai profile

Sai is the non executive advisor to the Equine Affinity team. He is a specialist in Board & Strategic Leadership Development, Senior Talent Management and Corporate Governance with over 12 years direct experience of working within the UK Civil Service and private consultancy as an advisor, practitioner, author and trainer.  Operating at central and local government levels, internationally, in industry and with front line public services (e.g. NHS), has helped clients develop and achieve their organisational goals through effective governance. Has made major contributions to Board and OD thought leadership in government and the NHS.



Suzanne Slade

BA (Joint Hons), MA, EAGALA Part 1, UKCP Reg

Equine Affinity Psychotherapist

Suzanne is a specialist in child and adolescent psychotherapy and has worked in a variety of clinical settings including CAMHS, community and school-based counselling services. Suzanne focuses on the use of metaphor, non-verbal communication and imagination to explore client’s inner worlds and is passionate about combining her love of all things equine with therapeutic work.  Suzanne retrained as a psychotherapist after a 12 year career working in the financial services industry, and brings a good understanding of team dynamics in the private sector.


Nicola SmithNicola Smith


Equine Affinity Body Worker

Nicola has been working with the body and mind for over 14 years. She works as a teacher and therapist with clients of all backgrounds and ages with a particular interest in working with special needs groups & clients. Her interest is in using the body as the starting point from which we can bring greater awareness to ourselves and therefore to everything that we do.

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“My interaction with horses over the past 2 years has been the shortest and clearest route to experiencing my energy field in action. This has been both illuminating and humbling. I am very excited about what working with horses can teach me about working with clients & students – and how the principles of working with energy – are so transferable to situations that we encounter in everyday life”.

website: www.bodywisdom.org.uk

Ronni profileVeronica Wilson

dip. I.A.T.E. reg. U.K.C.P.

Equine Affinity Associate Psychotherapist

Veronica is a fully qualified, and registered Arts Psychotherapist, Relate Counsellor and Trainer, and Supervisor/Consultant to other therapists and people working with children / teenagers. She has over 20 years experience in the field and has developed a thriving Therapy Centre in Iden, E. Sussex. 

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She runs Counselling Skills Courses at the Centre for Child Mental Health in Islington- a groundbreaking organisation in the field. Her Training work with a wide range of client groups has included youth and health workers, teachers, the police, parents, schoolchildren, and students of Arts Psychotherapy.

Veronica is of the belief that everyone has the creative ability to heal themselves given the right kind of support; and having incorporated the use of multi arts within her approach to therapy knows the invaluable potential of having another medium, other than just words, to communicate with and learn from. Hence her keen interest and delight in working with Horses, as a therapeutic medium, with  people of all ages.

Website: http://www.moonsgreen.webhealer.net/


Emma Ross


 Equine Affinity Specialist

Emma Ross is an equine specialist with oveEmma Rossr 25 years experience. She is a qualified horse riding instructor with the British Horse Society. She managed a successful riding school in London for many years, as well as training horses for clients and working for a veterinary emergency transport service.

Emma is also trained in equine massage and observational studies of how horses self-medicate, which provides insights into the subtleties of their behaviour. Emma has been practising Equine Assisted Personal Development work for over 5 years and runs retreats and individual sessions through her own business.


Alicia Mitchell


Equine Affinity Equine Specialist

Equine specialistAlicia Alicia Mitchell has a long standing association with horses dating back some 30 years, and an equine career spanning 20 years. She has worked in many areas of equestrian industry, from horse racing, eventing, hunting and carriage driving to natural horsemanship, wild horse study and horse care and Natural Hoof Care Practitioner with the AANHCP.
“Horses are a way of life for me. They are fascinating and endlessly amusing. They encourage personal enquiry and observation on an often profound level. During my career I have developed a keen sense of awareness and understanding of their needs and drives. Equine guided personal development is therefore a natural career progression, I am very proud to be on the Equine Affinity Team and to bring my skills as “equine interpreter” to a wider audience.”


Jennine Pickup

MA, Dip. UKCP Registered Psychotherapist

Equine Affinity Psychotherapist

As a well-established UKCP registered Integrative Arts Psychotherapist Jennine has worked with children, adolescents and adults in a variety of clinical settings.  These settings have including CAMHS psychiatric inpatient services and specialist education provisions for children and adolescents with complex learning difficulties/special needs.  Jennine has extensive experience of working with children and young people on the Autistic spectrum.

Jennine is committed to providing a range of meaningful, creative and flexible therapeutic experiences to meet the needs of each individual. Her practice incorporates the therapeutic application of arts, metaphor, animals and nature.  To this end she has undertaken Equine Assisted Psychotherapy training with EAGALA as well as Animal Assisted Therapy training with the Society for Companion Animal Studies.  Jennine has conducted worldwide research into the psychotherapeutic benefits of animals and nature and participated in a Gestalt wilderness therapy project with young people in the Rockies Colorado.

Theoretically Jennine’s approach is Humanistic and Integrative.  Relational attachment based theory also largely informs her work.

Jennine is a trained trauma specialist and Critical Incident debriefer. She is also an approved clinical Supervisor.

Jennine runs a consultancy company, delivering a series of ‘help the helper’ initiatives and wellbeing at work programs.  This work incorporates reflective practice, supervision, training and staff support for staff working in helping professions. She has extensive experience of working with staff groups and team dynamics.

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