About Equine Affinity

Equine Affinity has been operating in the South East of England since 2011.

We have facilities in Sussex, Kent and Central London.

We believe that the horse can offer us valuable

information about ourselves that we can then apply to everyday situations,

in both our personal and professional lives. The Equine Affinity ethos is to work with

integrity and authenticity in relation to both humans and animals.





We have highly skilled and qualified practitioners each of whom have their own strengths and expertise catering for a diverse range of clients. Our Equine Specialist has a thorough understanding of equine behaviour – this ensures suitable selection of horses that we use for the equine learning and therapy work. We offer services in London, Kent and East Sussex.

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Equine Affinity is an East Sussex County Council approved alternative outdoor education company.

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Click here to see the Equine Affinity Code of Ethics and our ethical considerations for the horse.

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