Equine Affinity reaches out to Kent


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We are now working from a delightful
yard called Little Dunks Farm near
Tunbridge Wells in Kent, so that we can
expand our client base and make our
service more accessible.

We work with a wonderful collection of sweet
natured horses from Little Dunks Yard. This yard
has a very welcoming feel to it.

Yard owner, Marianne and horse owner, Alex, couldn’t believe how their horses react to our work;

“Usually Bertie is really hard to catch. It is facsinating that someone [our client] who has very little horse experience, can march right up to him and catch him straight away!!”

When you drop the expectation that the horse may react in a certain way, and approach it from an authentic place, (in this case the client had no idea that Bertie was hard to catch) then you will have a more positive response. That is the essence of this work.

Come and meet us and some of the wonderful horses we will be working with at Little Dunks Farm.